Doors are important. It adds beauty to our homes and it also keeps us safe. There are several types of doors and each of these types has its own locks. Some are big others are small. Whatever type it is a good working door is always the best.

What if you have a door that’s hard to open? The first thing that you need to do is think about having it fixed. In case there is no one to fix it, you need to do something yourself. In order to keep doors working you need to check it all the time.

Yes, there are several ways to fix a broken door. There are several ways to maintain its beauty and durability. Here, we will discuss the types of doors and simple and easy ways to open it.

Door Types

  • Sliding Doors – these are the ones where you just open it by sliding the door. It has hinges on its side to keep it intact. These doors can be made of wood or glass.
  • Patio Doors – these doors are of course the ones located on your patio. Most of the time these are made of wood with design. These are big ones. Patio doors can also be sliding doors.
  • Garage Doors – these types are mostly pull-ups.
  • Conventional doors – these are the ones that are usually used. It has a standard size.

Ways to Open a Door that is Not Working Properly


1.    Lubrication

One of the most common fixes to easily open a door is the lubrication method. You need to get anything that can lubricate the hinges. If you cannot open the door using your key, this method does work.

There are times that the locks may be filled with dust and lubricating it will help. You just have to take away the dust from the lock first and apply the lubricant to your key. Most of the time this method works and will open the door properly.

2.    Warming the Key

Yes, warming the key with a lighter flame also works. What you need to do is warm the key first before placing it inside the door lock. Heating it will take away any icy parts. This will help to just let the key slide into the lock.

Warming the key will still let the door work. If you also have a ring doorbell vs pro, you still can expect that your door will work properly with this easy-open tip.

3.    Use a Bump Key

When you get locked out and your door does not open properly and worst, your key is not with you, try using a bump key. You need to get a bump key first. It is a key that can fit into your lock. You must be careful when doing this because it can damage your lock and that will add more problems to your door lock.

If you have a bump key, you just have to insert it into the door lock carefully. Slowly turn the key and be sensitive every time there is a click. You need to slam and turn the bump key. If you do it right, you will open the door easily using this item.

4.    Insert a Pick Set

Here’s another way to open a locked door easily. Use a pick set. Using this method will take a lot of skill. You can choose your pick set for this method. It can be a paper clip. You need a tension wrench for this too.

All you need to do is insert the tension wrench into the lock. Then use the paper clip to enhance the movement inside the lock. If you do it properly you will be able to unlock the door using these two items.

5.    Use a Credit Card or ATM Card

This method is handy and really works. If you have a credit card or ATM card with you this is an easy method. Place the card in between the door frame and the lock. This is a classic method that works until now. Once you hit the lock it will just slide on the card, and you are in!

You see, your credit card is of good use here. It can save you if you are locked out of your house. Keep it handy. You never know when you are going to need it aside from having to swipe it on shopping.

6.    Check the Hinges

If your door is hard to open. You have the keys with you. It might be possible that the hinges are not working well. Better check these too. A way to make it easily work is to fix the hinges. All you need to do is remove the old hinge, and replace it with a new one.

It is also possible that the old hinges are just filled with rust. You can take out the old hinges and place lubricants on them. Then put it back the same way. If you place lubricants on the hinges, it can take away the rust.


These are some of the techniques to open your door easily. If you are locked or if the hinges are just rusty, you can definitely add a fix to your doors. It can be hard if you leave your keys somewhere and you are locked out. You just have to master the techniques here on how to open the door when it’s locked.

It is also safe to have a spare key in your bag all the time. Having a spare key will lessen the chances of you having to do these methods listed. You can carry the spare key anywhere. If in the event, you lose or you left your keys, you still have the spare key to use.

Always fix your doors to avoid from rusting. Check the doors regularly for any damages. Your door is an important part of the house. You need to maintain its strength and beauty. Do some cleaning and fixes when needed.

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