One would think that why something like a rotary tool is a must have and that too in homes? The answer to this is that rotary tools are known to be one of the most versatile tools to have because they can be used for different projects around the house. Once you start using them, even for something like cleaning, you will realise why it is a must have tool in your toolbox.

What is a rotary tool?

Before we move onto understanding the uses of a rotary tool around the house, it is important to know what exactly a rotary tool is. This particular tool has a fast rotating motor in its system, which is attached to a tool attachment. As the motor rotates on high-speed you are able to use the tool with different attachments to do the task you need to. They are usually small in size, but the speed at which their motor rotates is extremely high.

You can find them for heavy duty work as well, which is the beauty of this tool, it is available in many sizes depending on the work to be done. All of them have a speed control for the spindle so you can alter the speed based on what you are doing.

Why do you need rotary tools?

The biggest benefit of having any size of the rotary tool is that it doesn’t perform one task, but many. You can use it for wood cutting to class cutting by simply altering the speed of the spindle. These are some of the uses which most of us are using rotary tools for. They will tell you why exactly you need the best rotary tools in your home.

Drilling holes

There is a whole variety of attachments available which can be attached to the rotary tool and use for drilling holes in materials like soft wood. Even other materials which are a bit on the tougher side, like gypsum, will easily let you drill a hole with a rotary tool of apt size.

Wood working

If any of you are fond of wood working on work from your garage for it, a rotary tool is a must to have. It is very easy to cut wood with it. Any size of project is easily handled with a small rotary tool. It is especially known for its cutting skills with wood, so it’s your best bet to use it for the purpose. It is also easy to fix wooden furniture around the house when you have such a useful tool at hand.


A small sized rotary is the allrounder tool that any plumber carries. Any repair work that they do is based on using a rotary tool. If you wish to save up on money, then you can definitely go for buying a tool like that and become your own plumber as well.


This is the best use that anyone would have for a rotary tool in the house. If you have the right attachment, you can use your tool for cleaning and buffing surfaces that have caught rust over time. This will make them turn into a new object literally. A little bit of wax on the surface will even go a long way, and your cleaned surfaced will come out shinier than ever. Always use the tool at a medium speed when using it for cleaning because you don’t want to get scratches.

Safety first

Using any tool should always be with precaution. Safety measures are something that should come to your mind before you even start using your rotary tool. Since it is a hand held tool, the chances of getting hurt are more, and it is always best to because of the tool carefully and only by someone who can handle it wisely.

  • Safety glasses are must because while buffing or grinding, the tiny particles could hurt your eyes.
  • Ear muffs are also something that you should be wearing while working because rotary tools can be very loud sometimes. Better to protect yourself from all that noise.
  • Skin protection gear is another thing that has to be kept in mind while working with something like fibre glass.
  • Whenever you are working with a material which can create a lot of dust in the room, better work in the outdoors because all that dust is not good for indoor air quality.
  • Switch off the tool before you have to change the attachment, always. Best to remove the tool from the plug itself and start it up again once the attachment is changed.
  • Turn on your tool before it touches the surface of the material; otherwise, it will gear up and give an instant shock to your hand because of the hardness of the material.

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