The Overview

The technological market is constantly growing. The ability to provide to an international market of consumers with access to a product has pushed the original market out and expanded it. The most interesting development from the general populaces increasing access to technology is the utilization of technology for entertainment purposes. This has created a whole new individual market with an ever growing profit margin. The upcoming developments bring promise of a technological boom which will bring with it exciting new technologies and software for purchase.

Hardware Development

The coming years will offer much promise in terms of the development of more fine-tuned and powerful technologies in the home environment. Technology as a form of entertainment is growing at an exponential rate in era. The leading companies in consumer electronics are buzzing behind the scenes. The next generation of gaming platforms is on its way, and the supergiants, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are preparing to take the next step in the console wars, releasing their respective consoles; the PlayStation 4, the XBOX 720(also known as the XBOX 8 due to its integration of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system) , and the Wii U. This will pump billions of dollars of profit into the gaming industry, resulting in yet another boom in the gaming industry. Another giant reaching a possibility of booming in consumer electronics is the well renowned Apple. Rumors of communication between Apple and NVIDIA, who is another large company which produces high end graphics processing units, are spreading. The outcomes from the possible alliance can put Apple at the forefront of the more ‘hardcore’ portion of the gaming industry. The clean running of the Mac OS means that the PC gaming industry could see a powerful competitor from Apple. Alternatively, Apple may be working behind the scenes on developing their own entry in the console wars (perhaps a Mac Triangle 180), a farfetched possibility, but is food for thought all the same. The constant competition between these giants has improved accessibility, user friendliness, and power of home and office technologies, and will continue to do so.

Software Developments

Along with the upcoming hardware giants, software is also going to hit a peak in the market in the near future. The software giants such as Ubisoft and Crytek(in these cases game engine developers) are preparing for the next generation of processing power, Ubisoft’s response being the development of the Unreal Engine 4 and the CryEngine 3, two massively powerful engines are due for release, fuelling the companies which use the engines to develop more powerful and beautiful games. Microsoft’s promise of Windows 8 is also a source of new possibilities, and Apple’s release of the Mac OS X platform known as Mountain Lion drives the development of increasingly powerful operating systems. As with the development of more refined hardware, the development of new software platforms will fuel the market of computers and technology, and competition between companies will produce increasingly powerful technology and software to the general populace. Amazon is also opening up it’s Kindle platform to the game development community through its GameCircle branch, opening up a new platform for consumers to access, and developers to produce on.

This will most likely allow for development on a Java platform, much like the Android , given the Kindle being written in Java. This will provide more competition in the mobile app market, which currently is dominated by the Android and iPod Touch/iPhone markets. This will also push even more development into the Java programming language, which thanks to OpenGL is a language has the same potential as the C++ programming language, which is the more preferred language in game development. Perhaps the next generation console war will be determined by the inclusion of a Java SDK, which would allow for mobile app developers to transfer their creations to the PlayStation Store, XBOX Live Arcade, or the Wii Shop Channel, funneling more funds into the respective market places, and into the developers pockets, resulting in the availability of more games for the consumer. Versatility is a determining factor in the development of software, rigidity reduces possibilities and dampens the creative mind of the developers, which is the reason that the industry is so competitive.

Results of the Next Generation Technology Boom

This boom brings much promise to consumers, developers, and investors alike. There is a true gamble in the industry for all parties involved. In the next generation of console wars, there will most likely be, as there has been in prior generations of gaming platforms, ‘winners’ of various categories. As with previous generations, the consoles with be judged on power, affordability, and the most recent category, community layouts. The categories are numerous, and each platform is subject to millions, if not billions of individual opinions and criteria, and the general populace’s opinion can and most probably will shift. This is a great time to invest in the ever growing technological market. And, as has been shown through multiple economic crises over the past few years, the technological market is independent of the standard markets, and continues its growth despite economic turmoil. Be sure to keep close tabs on the rumors, anything that gives a company and edge is a possibility for owning the marketplace, for with the level of competition; a small advantage can be the defining difference between massive success and relative failure. In any case, companies and investors alike should see noticeable increases in profits with the releases. At the, the models will be available for next generation development of the business enterprises. The use of the time and money should be done in the best possible way. 

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