Has Western society really been reduced to publishing cartoons in the face of “terror?” The latest Charlie Hebdo magazine is out and, rather predictably, it portrays the prophet Mohammed on its cover:

Apparently, Mohammed’s face and that represent a penis and two testicles as do his eyes and nose.

17 people in all ended up losing their lives because of a cartoon.

For most Westerners, that’s pretty absurd. It seems we are trained, almost at birth, to not buy it if you don’t like it and not to go and murder the people who created it.

So there was a big protest march in Paris – and 40 world leaders attended – to show “unity” in the face of these murders. However the irony is that in almost any European nation verbally slandering someone (the cartoon, it can be argued is a “visual slander”) could easily result in a fine and even jail time – just not death.

So what were all these people really protesting?

They appeared to be protesting the fact that people were killed. Had they been issued fines and/or sent to jail for 30 days by the Government I seriously doubt we’d have seen the same result.

It strikes me as a tad insincere for European Government officials to march with the people – or for the people to march with their leaders – as they have voluntarily signed away their rights little-by-little since the end of WWII to say – and do – what they please.

Denying the Holocaust might be a vile thing but to punish someone for it?

If the message from the march in Paris is that freedom isn’t free why, then, are certain forms of censorship acceptable while others are not?

It is sad that these issues were not discussed before and it took a silly cartoon to have them brought up.

Here is another Charlie Hebdo cartoon… this time on gay marriage. It shows the Holy Spirit going up to Jesus’ rectum while he is having anal sex with God, his father.