Seniors today are not even close to slowing down. Instead, they want to enjoy life to the fullest and many do so by embracing a time old tradition for the 55 and older crowd, the RV Park. Today, as many of these parks have dwindled due to the housing boom era, others are popping up to cater to the baby boomer generation. Baby Boomers grew up in a time when RVs were at the height of popularity. Many remember traveling with their own parents across America to a relatives house or just on vacation. Across America here are 5 RV Parks that make being “older” feel “young.”

Valle Del Oro RV Resort, Arizona

Life at Valle Del Ora RV Resort is great, if your over 55. This resort offers the creme de la creme of RV Parks. Activities include dance, exercise, tennis, swimming, crafts and more. There is a 25,000 square foot ballroom and offers live entertainment once a week. You can bring your pet to stay in your RV, which is a great benefit if you plan on staying for a extended period of time. This RV park also offers cottages to rent as well as RV parking. Due to the popularity of this park, make sure to check if reservations are needed during high season. You can check about the reservation and all other details about RV parks near you on You will get ratings reviews and much more so that you can choose the best option from the lot.

Cal-Am Resorts RV

Just visiting their website at www.Cal-Am.Com, lets you know this isn’t your everyday place to park your RV.
With locations throughout the United States, such as Florida, Arizona, Nevada and California, one could spend time using the RV to the travel to the different locations! Each branch of this company offers great concerts, activities, indoor swimming, golf and fishing. The location in Florida is just east of Orlando. It offers spa treatments, laundry on-site and is stress free with wonderful customer service. You can park your RV at the resort, rent a property or even purchase from their inventory of homes.

Calizona RV Park

Part of enjoying a RV park is the scenery that surrounds it. Calizona RV Park gives the senior traveler the best of both worlds. Located overlooking the Colorado River, the beauty is amazing. Calizona offers its fair share of activities such as hiking, fishing, boating and world class golf. Within the park for the 55 and over crowd, you can spend your time playing pool, doing crafts, enjoying the exercise classes or just hanging out with friends over a pot of coffee and pot luck dinner.

Treasure Island RV Park, California

Only 15 minutes from downtown San Francisco, this parks location is perfect for enjoying the peace and quiet or heading into town for a day of fun. Close to attractions such as The Golden Gate Bridge, beaches, ocean fishing and major shop. The park does not offer as much in the way of activities as other parks, but it is hard to compete with San Francisco. The park does have full hook up for your RV and offers laundry and shower services.

Alligator Park RV Park, Florida

Located in Punta Gorda, Florida this RV park boast over 800 residents during the winter months according to its website at www.AlligatorPark.Com . This city voted one of the best to live in by Money magazine, offers a amazing climate and a abundance of outdoor activities. Fishing, golf, tennis and swimming are among the most popular at the RV park. The park offers over 50 acres of paved and lighted streets for that evening stroll or daily bike ride. A 25 acre lake, which offers residents free fishing, challenges even the most experienced fishermen.

These senior RV parks are a haven for those retirees who have only retired from working but not from life. Each day at these parks brings new activities to conquer and a great source of friendship among peers who share the same interests. These parks will continue to thrive as baby boomers move into enjoying the best years of their lives.

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