There are a lot of ways that one can eliminate unwanted body fat that accumulated on their bodies. Some may prefer surgical procedures to achieve that body that they dreamed of, and some may opt for non-surgical ways to eliminate those fats. Most people will go for proven-and-tested dieting and proper exercise.

To sum it all up, all of these options can get you the body shape that you want to. Of course, there are some conditions to meet and some precautions to consider first in undergoing each path. Anyways, what we will be discussing right now is this new trend that people are starting to acknowledge due to its effectivity. Thus, these are methods, or should I say technology, called Contour Light.

What is Contour Led Light?

In essence, Contour Light is a test advance in slimming technology that utilizes light as the primary medium in burning unwanted body fat. Basically what it does is that it liquefies unwanted fat which can’t be easily eliminated by dieting and working out. Contour Light’s results can immediately be seen just after the initial session.

Another good thing about Contour Light is that it doesn’t involve any pain, surgery, damage on tissue, or any side effects that may leave tour tissue swelling. It is also reported that most clients can see a massive difference after the treatment. A variation of up to 2 to 3 inches of reduction around the treated are on the first treatment alone.

How Does Contour Light Works

Contour Light used an array of LED lights of a specific intensity and was researched by NASA to help wounds heal. Later on, further research is conducted on this and is also proven to accelerate fat burning in the body. Aside from liquefying fat, it also opens up fat cells. This process allows the fats to exit the cells and can be driven out from the body’s system, through the liver and the lymphatic system.

Also, during this process, it can also increase Collagen and Elastin in the body by promoting its natural production. Thus, this, in turn, tightens the skin and not leaving any saggy areas after the fat is eliminated. And this produces a painless, instant effect that is much faster to its other contemporary counterparts.

What are the Pros Of Using Contour Light?

There are a lot of advantages in using Contour Light as opposed to other fat-loss treatments out there in the market. Advantages like:

Contour Light is a non-invasive treatment that does not involve any surgeries, incisions, or direct damage to the skin that may leave nasty marks. Thus, this is unlike liposuction, which needs to damage the skin first to suck out those underlying fats.

Although it uses light as its primary source to melt off fats, it has a much lower intensity than that of the medical or aesthetic laser systems used in the medical field. And this can eliminate any burns or swelling of the affected area during and after treatment.

Also, if you are concerned that if the light it emits will cause cancer, then you are wrong. The light has a much lesser intensity that it won’t cause any mutation your DNA. And o side effects such as itching, soreness, or any other irritation or skin discoloration. Treatment can be customized depending on the size of the area to be treated.

And How About The Cons?

Just like any other things, There will always be another side of the coin or a yin for every yang. Here are just a couple of cons about this treatment:

It does not work for everybody most of the time, although some instances rarely happen.

For people who need proper weight loss, then this one will not provide you much of a result. There is a possibility that depending on a person’s metabolism, those inches you lose per session may come back before the next meeting occurs. It may provide excellent results for people who are already slim already, but for people who have a lot of body fat, then proper weight loss is needed.

It may cost around a thousand dollars or more per session, which is not cheap.

In life, there is nothing that happens in an instant that can last. Of course, you will need a specific diet and proper exercise to maintain that figure you just got. As per disclaimer to any fat-reduction technology out there: the only way to make the changes permanent is to control their weight. Keeping track of their diet is also essential to make the effects last.

The Verdict

Contour Light is just one of those trending technologies out there that promise customers an instant result. Any doctor always advises that if the diet is not monitored and proper exercise is not practiced daily, all those money you will be spending with these do you no good. No procedure can guarantee an instant weight loss result, like a weight loss pill or treatment. Relying on these alone is like transferring water cup by cup to a bucket from an overflowing sink while the faucet is still on. It seems that you are doing something that may result in a change, yet things remain the same.


For those who are fully aware of what things to do to maintain a firm and fit body after using Contour Light, then you can go for it. Remember, all the changes may happen during the session, but to maintain it, you need to do additional steps as well. These steps include proper diet and exercise.

If you don’t have enough funds to complete a Contour Light session, you can browse the web for any local clinics which provide Contour Light Discounts. All in all, Contour Lights is just a good kick-start for you to start taking care of your figure, as well as for opting for a surgery-free fat-reducing procedure that involves no pain or any discomfort.

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