Spring break is an enduring trademark of college and high school academic life. Frazzled students welcome the week-long intermission in studies and celebrate its occurrence with travel to warm, tropical locales where sun and fun are both in plentiful supply.

Go to Florida

Florida is a perennial favorite for spring breakers, especially those seeking an escape from cold northern climates. Popular locations like Clearwater, Panama City, Miami beach, Fort Lauderdale and Key West welcome spring breakers and time specific events to coincide with the arrival of students from around the country. Daytona Beach, on the eastern shore of the state’s midsection, is billed as “The World’s Most Famous Beach;” the tourist destination offers virtually unlimited fun during the spring break season, and the central Florida temperatures create an ideal environment for round-the-clock beach activity. Regardless of the destination, the Sunshine State offers excellent beaches for sunning and relaxing, and the varied spring break activities (like the wild MTV party on Miami Beach) virtually guarantee some form of excitement.

Things to Do for Spring Break

Go to California

Although Florida is a travel destination for students around the country, West Coast students may prefer the geographically closer beaches of Southern California. With mild temperatures and less humidity than the East Coast beaches, California offers beautiful scenery and even more beautiful people. Visitors to the Los Angeles area may enjoy attractions such as shopping, sporting activities and sightseeing; the increased possibility of running in to a celebrity adds an extra dash of excitement. A little further south, San Diego offers one of the best zoos in the country and top-quality beaches to match.

Go to a Theme Park

Students who already live in a warm environment or who don’t want to travel great distances may find days of fun available in theme parks like Six Flags, King’s Island (in Ohio), Carowinds (in Charlotte, North Carolina) or Wisconsin Dells. Many of these parks offer special student admission rates, and some extend special offers during spring break.

Things to Do for Spring Break

International Travel

Some students prefer more exotic destinations that require travel outside the United States. Nearby countries like Mexico, the Bahamas, Bermuda and Belize are popular with spring breakers, though drug wars and seedy reputations may deter some less adventurous travelers. Despite its colder climate, Europe is also a popular destination for well-heeled students.


Some colleges offer an “Alternative Spring Break” experience that allows students to give back to the community. Volunteer opportunities may be carried out in local communities or involve travel to impoverished cities like Detroit. Motivated students may also choose to seek out their own volunteer opportunities at local tourism boards or hospitals and adding this experience to a resume is a nice reward. For volunteer ideas or to associate with volunteer organizations, consider contacting organizations like Volunteer Match or International Stundent Volunteers (ISV). These organizations match community-minded students with popular volunteer opportunities like animal shelters, nursing homes and educational institutions.

Things to Do for Spring Break


With all the excitement surrounding spring break, some students forget to take advantage of the opportunity to just sit back, get school off the mind and relax. For extra harried students, one attractive spring break option may be to simply do nothing at all.