CBD oil has been in demand for its medicinal wonders for a long time now. With its growing demand there are innumerous companies that have come up with their own brands of CBD oil. But the major question is – are they all equally good? It is not easy to say which brand is better than the other randomly. But, there are few things you should keep in mind before you buy and start consuming.

  • What do you need it for?

Each percentage of concentration of CBD in the composition is categorically divided as per its uses. For example, CBD oil for anxiety will not have the same concentration of CBD in the composition compared to the CBD oil for chronic pain relief. Buy according to your requirement only.

  • Compare Prices

You need to be aware of the ongoing market price so that you are not cheated into paying any extra amount.

  • Buy from reliable sellers

Check the reviews and ratings of the sellers before you decide to buy from them. With new brands coming up with similar products every other day it is better to buy your CBD oil with a prior background check of your seller.

Have you decided on purchasing CBD oil? Still confused which one you should buy? Here is a list of top 5CBD oils for 2020 along with their uses and benefits. This will definitely help you out to get the CBD oil of your preference.

  1. FAB CBD

FAB CBD is one of the top rated CBD oils. Here are some important features of the CBD oil which are sure to amaze you.

  • Helps in curing chronic pain and anxiety disorders

  • Composition: Hemp extract, Natural Flavors and MCT Oil

  • Full Spectrum

  • Available in natural, mint and citrus flavors

  • Potency: 150 mg to 1200 mg

  • Affordable Pricing and hence very economical


JOY ORGANIC is one of the companies that manufacture the highest quality of CBD oil. Here are some of its features that make it one of the best CBD Oils available.

  • Helps with pain and inflammations. Can be used by arthritis patients as well.

  • Compositions: Organic Olive Oil (extra virgin) and Phytocannabinnoid-Rich Hemp Extract

  • Broad Spectrum

  • Available in mint, orange, lemon and natural flavors

  • Potency: 250 mg to 1500 mg

  • Prices are affordable

  1. CBDistillery

With a diverse variety of concentration options available, CBDistillery is one of the well priced CBD oil of high quality. Here are some important features of this CBD oil which said to have the best full spectrum amongst all.

  • Aids with anxiety and chronic pain

  • Compositions: Full Spectrum Oil- Coconut MCT Oil & Hemp Oil Extract; Isolate CBD Oil- MCT Coconut oil & Anhydrous Hemp Oil

  • Full Spectrum or Isolate

  • Available in only natural flavor

  • Potency: 150 mg to 5000 mg

  • Extremely well priced

  1. Nuleaf Naturals

Nuleaf Natural is definitely on the list of manufacturing the best high quality full spectrum CBD oil. It also offers a wide range of concentrations. It is said to be the most potent CBD oil and here are the reasons why.

  • Aids with chronic pain, anxiety disorders and insomnia

  • Composition: Organic cold-pressed hemp oil & full-spectrum hemp extract

  • Full Spectrum

  • Available only in natural flavor

  • Potency: 240 mg to 4850 mg

  • Prices are comparatively on the higher side

  1. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs are best THC-free isolate CBD oils in the market. Here are the reasons why it made it to the list.

  • Helps in curing pain

  • Compositions: Hemp Oil, Grape-seed Oil, MCT Oil

  • Isolate CBD Oil

  • Available in peppermint and watermelon flavors

  • Potency: 300 mg to 4000 mg

  • Average Pricing

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