Every one of us has received a gift every now and then that we wouldn’t mind ‘recycling’ and giving it to someone else. It shouldn’t be done on a yearly basis, but there are times when it can be perfectly acceptable. To help you do some ‘safe’ and appropriate gift recycling this year here are the top five don’ts to look out for.

  • Don’t Recycle homemade items

Never recycle a gift that is homemade. Even if it isn’t something you liked very well, there is no way to re-give a homemade gift tactfully. Homemade gifts usually look homemade, and if you want to retain your integrity you can’t rightfully tell the new recipient that you made it when your Aunt Betty spent 6 months knitting it for you. Besides, it will be perfectly obvious that it was a recycled gift, and that’s the unspoken ‘don’t’ to gift recycling-do it, but don’t get caught.

  • Don’t Give inside the Loop

If you recycle something that is related to apparel, such as costume jewelry, scarves, sweaters, hats, or gloves, you need to be careful who you re-give it to. For example, if your co-workers have never met your family, than it would be safe to recycle a gift that they gave you to one of your family members without anyone getting suspicious. On the other hand, Don’t recycle the wooly mittens from your cousin to a sibling; chances are someone will recognize the gift and whether they say it or not, will know you gave away something they gave you. That’s definitely uncouth; so don’t be surprised if a feud develops. Just don’t be sloppy!

  • Don’t gift recycle something no one would like

A ceramic sculpture of a pig is probably not a good gift to recycle to your animal-hating friend. Although this may seem like an obvious Don’t, you really need to think about whether the recipient of a recycled gift will actually enjoy the item more than you. If they would be likely to continue to recycle the gift, than it would be best to just dispose of it in another manner. You need to be tactful even when it comes to gift recycling. Usually men love wearing watch as men watch add class to their personality, an individual should wear watch on daily basis. This will help them to maintain their life routine.

  • Don’t Repackage

If you’ve broken the seal on something, or in any other way removed the original packaging Don’t repackage the gift to recycle to someone else. The problem with repackaging is that they’ll know you repackaged it and will guess that the item was not originally bought for them. As a general rule, avoid taking gifts out of the package unless you know you aren’t going to end up recycling.

  • Don’t Recycle Often

If you are in the habit of recycling your gifts on an annual basis, than you are 100X more likely to get caught in the act. Although it isn’t a mortal sin to recycle a gift, you need to do your Holiday shopping too. If you only recycle gifts on an occasional basis, with only the best of intentions, than you are less likely to have anyone guessing. Just keep it to a minimum, and all will be well for another holiday season.

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