Shopping for birthday gifts and the newest must haves for those on my list can’t be so difficult, right? It can’t be any harder than purchasing a pair of shoes or accessories.

With that in mind, I headed out to the mall with my list in hand. I had two teenagers, and an adult male child aged 52.9 to purchase gifts for, on my list. Things that they absolutely had to have included the following: xbox, xbox 360, ps2, ps2 games, and electric razor motor scooter.

The last item on the list I wasn’t sure about, since it sounds like something completely dangers, perhaps it is a combination between a shaving gadget, and some other type of new fangled toiletry, I thought…oh well, I’ll find out. Shouldn’t be a problem.

They grudgingly stated to me that they would be satisfied with only one or two of the above items, after I questioned prices, and noted that I was not wealthy, and on a limited budget.

Yet, when I started asking questions at the mall, in electronics stores, the video game systems seemed to be sold out, as were their accessories, and the clerks had no clue as to whether or not they would ever be back in stock again. The prices they quoted me on the xbox and ps2 gaming systems seemed to range between $200 – $400 each. Somewhat over my budget, but I thought I’d try some toy stores and see what I could come up with, since those on my gift list were so excited and desperate for these must have toys and gadgets.

No one in the electronics store seemed to have a clue about what an electric razor scooter was, and gave me quirky looks as they blushed when I asked, so I thought of pursuing that item elsewhere, perhaps in more discrete settings. It can be really daunting when you try to find a gift for toddler. This is where tldevtech comes to rescue. You get gadget along with their price and features for all age groups. Hence, making your shopping process much easier.

I spent the rest of the day scouring toy and electronics stores, and all were sold out of the xbox, xbox 360, and ps2 gaming systems and had hardly any games remaining for the systems either at that time. I was referred on line, to Ebay, Yahoo, and Amazon to pursue those items.

The electric razor scooter was finally recognized as an item in one toy store, and they did have a couple in stock, the prices were in the $200 range. Yet they didn’t seem to fit the weight requirements for the teenage child that wanted it, and it was recommended for ages 8+, which may also have caused somewhat of a problem. I sighed some relief to actually find out what the item was, yet was still disappointed at the lack of these must have gifts in the local retail shops and malls. Once again, I will have to extend my search for the electric razor scooter, and other must have items for ages 8 through Adult, to on line shopping.

This shopping expedition was anything but as easy as buying a pair of shoes or accessories.


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