Technology is considered to be a thing for the elite, given how only a certain number of people keep up with it. In truth, that is just a thing of interest and technology can be cheap as well. In the age we live, it won’t be too hard to find gadgets that can be in our budget. Things like the LED winter beanie have become extremely popular for the same reasons. Hence, we have a list of the best gadgets you could buy with a hundred dollar bill.

Amazon Echo

This is a popular gadget today and is a trusted one as well because it is from amazon. You can find it in four colours with features like increased back volume and stronger bass. The only thing missing from it is the smart home integration that its earlier version has. There is an even smaller version of the same, called amazon dot echo which has an alarm clock, which is again less than $100.

Samsung galaxy fit

With the world being extremely conscious of their health, the Samsung galaxy fit is the perfect gadget to buy. It has everything from a simple interface and a very intuitive display. Reviewers have also rated it as one of the best for accurate heart rate monitoring. What more could you even need which is better than this watch?

Anker Soundcore flare

The Anker Soundcore flare is a centrepiece for your parties and the perfect speaker as well. The biggest benefit is that it is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about spilling any drink around it. There is integrated LED lighting in it with adjustable sound settings which make it the perfect speaker there is.

Astro Gaming A10 Headsets

Most gamers would prefer wireless headphones for themselves, but the Astro Gaming headsets are a great replacement for that as they are available for under $100. You can find one for three different gaming sets because three different versions are available to buy. They are affordable and counted among the best-wired gaming headsets.

D-Link Wi-fi camera

If you are looking towards securing your home with an affordable system then these cameras would be a good option, given they have great video quality, sound and motion detection which is all you need in a set of good security cameras. The certified security cameras are usually costly, but these can be a good option instead of those.

Instax Mini

These Instax mini cameras have become really popular recently because of the kind of pictures they churn out. All of us have great phones to click pictures with but getting instant prints is something anyone with the best of phones would want. Also, these pictures are really different from your regular prints so, this is definitely a must-have.

Amazon Kindle

Turns out, Amazon is really great at making affordable technology. For any of the passionate readers. The amazon kindle is a more than a perfect gift. You can read endless books on this one device and carry it around wherever you wish to. No more losing books here and there and you can buy amazon kindle versions of books from amazon itself. They sometimes don’t even cost much.

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