Do you love to drink coffee? Do you enjoy drinking regular coffee or specialty coffee? Do you enjoy going to Starbucks or a fast food restaurant for a good cup of coffee? If you do then you need to know which coffee drinks to stay away from. Some of your favorite coffee drinks might not be good for you and would be considered unhealthy.

Anyone that drinks coffee has had a bad cup now and then. Taste is not the only thing that makes a bad cup of coffee, what is put in the coffee can make it unhealthy. Here are 3 unhealthy coffee drinks that you might want to consider staying away from.

McDonald’s Caramel Latte with Whole Milk – this is a specialty coffee drink that McDonald’s offers. This coffee drink could be considered a rich dessert with all the calories and sugar it has in it. For a large size coffee drink there is 330 calories. There is 9 grams of fat. You will be getting 210 mg of sodium and 51 grams of sugar. Because of the amount of sugar and all the calories this Caramel Latte with Whole Milk has it would be considered an unhealthy choice. The making of the unhealthy drinks restricted through the coffee bean wholesale suppliers. The drinking of the coffee should not cause any bad effect on the skin and health of the person to remain fit. 

Starbucks White Hot Chocolate with Whole Milk and Whipped Cream – this is a specialty coffee which is just one in a number of different coffee drinks that Starbucks offers. This is just one of the unhealthy coffee drinks. This coffee drink is very high in calories, fat, sodium and sugar. There is 640 calories in this drink. There is 28 grams of fat. You will get 330 mg of sodium and 60 grams of sugar. There is a way to make this White Hot Chocolate Coffee drink healthier. You can replace the whole milk with 2% milk and leave off half of the whipped cream. This can still be a great tasting coffee drink without all the extra calories, fat, sodium and sugar.

Starbucks Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino with Whole Milk and Whipped Cream – is another unhealthy coffee drink from Starbucks. Starbucks makes really good coffee and coffee drinks but what is added is what makes people gain weight and start to become unhealthy. There is 520 calories in this coffee drink. There is 23 grams of fat, 350 mg of sodium and 68 grams of sugar. The fat, sodium and sugar is really high in this coffee drink. You can make the Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino have less calories by making it an Iced Mocha drink. This drink will taste just as good and will save you almost 400 calories.

These are 3 of the unhealthy coffee drinks that are offered in restaurants and coffee houses. There are many more unhealthy coffee drinks so it’s important to be wise in your choices when you buy a coffee drink.

A good thing to remember when buying a coffee drink is that the more items added to the drink will make it more unhealthy.