Urethane balls were introduced to the bowling market in the late 1970s, in an attempt to create more friction with the lane giving the bowlers more hook potential than the traditional plastic cover stocks. Professional bowlers use Urethane Bowling Balls on dry lane conditions while this type of ball is also recommended to beginners for practicing hooks.

Sanding and polishing of the ball can be done easily according to the bowler as well. However despite all this controllability and predictability than reactive resin, urethane cover stocks generally have a less-effective angle to the pocket, making strikes harder to throw.

Urethane Bowling Balls are considered to be entry-level balls as they are only capable of delivering a minor degree of hook potential and controlled slide distance on the back end lane. These balls are ideal for beginners who are learning how to toss a hook.

Here is a list of best Urethane Bowling Balls that are available in 2019:

  • Hammer Back Urethane

These balls are popular among beginner bowlers. This ball offer a modified version of bulb core and there is LED core design as well. This ball comes with urethane cover stock and 500 grit Abralon pad finish. This ball provides you with excellent grip and control on your hand.

It is one of the best bowling balls available online. The ball contains a black finish and smooth arc coverstock. The white engraved lettering adds to the sleekness of its design. These bowling balls are a bit expensive but these do gives you value for your money.

  • Strom Mix Urethane Bowling Ball

This ball features the US1 pearl urethane coverstock with a traditional three-piece construction. With 3500 grit polish finish these ball are ideal for light lane conditions, because of ball’s low reaction.

These bowling balls are manufactured in Taiwan and comes in three different finishes and different sizes. The price of the ball varies with its size. Which is why you can get yourself a Strom mix Urethane Bowling Ball within your budget.

  • Motiv Arctic Sniper Bowling Ball

This ball is also known as the improved version of the original sniper. With DMX urethane technology you get more control over the ball while bowling. Also, the DMX technology ensures that the ball doesn’t get any chips and crack that easily.

As the ball comes with a hollow point in its inner case deliver the bowl with a remarkable accuracy. The ball looks really cool because of its silver and white pearl finish. You can use this ball to improve your performance and accuracy even as a beginner.

  • Bowlerstore Products Candlepin Urethane Pro-Line Bowling Bowl

When it comes to bowlerstore products candlepin urethane pro-line bowling bowl, you do get an excellent option to choose from. The ball is second-gen EPCO of reactive urethane. The ball is ideal for reactive lanes because of its technology. The ball is available in three different colors and can be used by individual that are fairly experienced in bowling.

  • Motiv Combat Tank

With its significant upgrades motiv combat tank is quite popular among bowlers. The ball contains Hybrid Alchemy coverstock, which giver the bowler improved length and better performance on oily lanes. The ball has a recon weight block which is not that common among bowling balls. With its combat tank this ball is ideal for intermediate bowlers.

  • Roto-Grip Hot Cell

The combination of urethane and an awesome nucleus core gives you Roto-grip hot cell. The ball has more hitting power and pop that is out there. Because of its continuous roll and motion the ball has the ability of symmetrical ball despite being asymmetrical.

The ball has a radioactive solid urethane coverstock, which add to the aggression of the ball. The finish and coverstock also add to the power of the ball.

This ball is recommended for both professionals and beginners. With its 2000 grit Abralon factory finish you can use this ball on medium to light oil.

Lastly, Urethane Bowling Balls are really effective and practical for bowling as they offer a powerful strike, much more action and resilience as compared to polyester or plastic bowling balls. These ball have a greater angle of entry to the pocket and it goes across the boards as well.

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