Since the emergence of different mechanical compressors at the stage of industrial revolution, pneumatic systems have been proven to be efficient making compressed air as the 4th utility in the field of manufacturing. Hence, in our modern generation, pneumatic systems tend to be as crucial to the processes of manufacturing. Basically, compressed air is described and considered as the most safe, reliable and simple component of the transfer of linear power. Comparatively to hydraulic or electric systems, compressed air delivers more efficient power and performance. Thus, this makes compressed air popular and well known across the globe in the field of manufacturing. But the problem is, majority of the operators in manufacturing do not have enough knowledge and idea about some of the inefficiencies that may affect the overwhelming majority of pneumatic systems that they utilize in manufacturing. As such, in this article, we will go through the cost of the inefficiencies of pneumatic systems and the ways on how we can keep them efficient in manufacturing.

According to research, there are several manufacturers that are not cognizant of the issues that compromise the efficiency of pneumatic system and are also not so knowledgeable in regards to the actual costs of operations. Averagely speaking in manufacturing plant, only 50% of the compressed air generated is being consumed by the processes of production. It was also researched that for every dollar that manufacturers spent on electricity, the cost of utility can be reduced. Studies also found out that through developing and enhancing of the efficiency of pneumatic systems, consumption of energy can be totally reduced by 50%. Tools like actuator, fest USA and other components of pneumatic systems, should also be maintained well to achieve efficiency and therefore can save huge amount of money. And since most of the inefficiencies rely on the unawareness of manufacturers, it is important to enlighten them with some of the efficient tips below.

Make sure that the air is dry and clean

One of the best ways to enhance the performance of your pneumatic system is to ensure that your air is clean and dry. Basically, compressors are not only responsible for drawing in air but they are also responsible in inhaling any dirt that is near the surface together with a significant amount of moisture.  Thus, when these particles go through the machine, there is a high tendency that the system will be damaged in the long run.

Reduce artificial demand

Another effective way to maintain the efficiency of your pneumatic systems is through reduction of artificial demand. This refers to the generation of excessively high air pressure on the system. This will result in the air to be forced through openings such as leaks in the system. Thus, reduction of this artificial demand should be considered. By this action, manufacturers can minimize the strain on air generation units. Consequently, the useful life of the machine will be increased.

Reverse Engineer

Lastly, reverse engineering the system from the point of demand is also important in keeping your pneumatic system efficiency. This will be possible by correct sizing of the connections and piping, using the right size of air treatment component and the right control and regulation of the air consumption devices. With this, manufacturers can definitely save their pneumatic systems well and usable for a long time.