Fortnite is a widely-used shooting game in which you have to kill the enemies and survive till last. The last standing player wins the game. You are provided with different weapons and powers through which you can kill other players and defend yourself. The latest season of fortnite has brought some of the biggest changes we’ve seen yet. There are various additions to the outfits and weapons. The developers have tried to enhance the graphics and overall gameplay.

Following a repetitive process of design

The designers keep a close eye on the performance and quality of each aspect of the game by a useful concept known as Iterative process of design. They precisely check all the small details of the game and improve to enhance the gameplay of the game and attracting more users towards it. They use various new techniques to engage the players in the game and to improve their growth.

Interactive environment

The developer infused an interactive and cooperative environment in the game and made it more attractive. The randomness boosts the user’s curiosity regarding the game and engages him more. This is some the effective and biggest changes we’ve seen yet in the game. The different modes have to give player wide options and more things to explore in the game. The addition to the resources have made the survival easier and boosted the engagement of the players.

Relevant to the culture

Along with the fantasy world, the developing team has also infused some real-life features in fortnite that sheds light on the culture around us. The different dance moves in the game have affected the culture and connected different audiences. Fortnite takes all the festivals, cultural events as an opportunity to infuse some attractive feature in the game like it offers new customizes outfit on Christmas.

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