During the months of your pregnancy, your baby was starting to acquire tastes for what you ate. While nursing your baby will take this to the next level and acquire even more taste for the things you like.

Nursing women usually produce about 25 oz of milk every single day. For mom that means it is ok to eat more, even an extra 500 calories a day. The diet plan of the women should be suggested through the nursing assistant certification holder staff member. Women should be much conscious about their diet plan at the time of pregnancy.

Drink more water to because you will need 2.5 to 3 quarts a day. Nursing makes us thirsty. Water goes after all straight to the milk factory. 3 quarts a day is the limit though or your milk production goes in reverse.

Extra calories, however, is a must. If you schedule to keep on nursing past three months you definitely need to go for 2500 calories a day. Junk food is not a good source for extra calories. The extra calories need to come from good nutrition so they will benefit your baby. Increase your protein intake. For every pound you weigh you should eat 1 gram of protein a day. Have 120 grams of protein in your diet if you weigh 120 pounds.

Six meals a day is something that is highly advised for pregnant women. Keep doing that now that you are nursing. An early morning breakfast, a midmorning snack, lunch, a snack in the afternoon, an evening meal and a late night snack are not overdoing it. Fuel your body constantly because milk production is also continuous.

Write down what you ate when your baby has cramps. It might very well be because of something you ate. Some foods cause colic and it is better to take those things out of your diet. Chocolate is one of those things. It causes the baby’s stomach to hurt. If your baby has stomach pain, it might be because of the cookie you ate or the candy bar. Avoiding chocolate will bring you peace of mind.

Greasy and heavily seasoned meals are not a good idea either. These foods can cause grown-ups stomachs to hurt and your baby’s stomach is a lot more sensitive. Avoid fast-food places for now.

Onion and garlic are two flavors your baby might not appreciate yet. Your baby might shun drinking breast milk as a result. It takes a while for the flavor of onion and garlic to get in the milk so the first couple of feedings after you eat it might seem ok but the next one can be a problem.

Also what you drink alters the flavor of your milk. Too much caffeine is definitely not a good idea. But you got probably used to avoiding caffeine during your pregnancy so that shouldn’t be a major issue. During nursing a moderate use of caffeine is ok since after all you need to be able to function and be productive, just do not overdo it and do not exceed one or two cups a day.

Breastfeeding is the best thing you can offer your baby. Watch your own foods and drinks and keep going.

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