On April 11, 2011, Amazon.com announced a new version of the Kindle 3 digital book reader. The new Kindle with Special Offers is a Kindle with advertisements built into various screens. The Kindle with Special Offers has the same size and capabilities as the other Amazon Kindle 3s, but it is $25 less than the next level of Kindle. Which Kindle is best for you?

You can read on the Kindle without being connected to the internet; the only reason you need internet access is to download books from Amazon, Kindle audiobooks from Audible.com, and to use the basic web-browser. You can also use the the Kindle to post passages from books on Facebook and Twitter. Before you buy a Kindle, decide how you will be using the internet access with superboost wifi and what availability you have.

If you want to access the Kindle store wherever you are, the $189 Kindle 3G is the right ereader for you. Although there are areas where the Kindle can not get 3G access, this model has the most access to the internet. The Kindle 3G+wi-fi can access the Kindle store (and your content stored in the Amazon Kindle cloud) over your home network or public wi-fi network. It can also connect over AT T;’s cell phone network. If you travel overseas, the Kindle 3G will work in many countries, and the wi-fi can connect in public areas outside of the United States with access permissions. The Kindle 3G is the only Kindle 3 that comes in a choice of colors (white or slate). If connections or colors matter, spend the extra money for a Kindle 3G+wi fi.

You do not need to be an AT T; customer to access the AT T; network; the subscription to the mobile phone network is included in the price of the 3G network. If you do not plan to download books to your Kindle when you are away from a wi-fi network, you do not need to play for the 3G option. If you want to have an economical ereader that uses your home internet network or a public wi-fi network, the Kindle 3 wi-fi will work fine.

If you don’t mind advertising, the Kindle with Special Offers may be the most economical choice. Hardcore Amazon.com shoppers might be interested in the deals that Amazon is planning to advertise through the Kindle with Special Offers device; Amazon plans to offer discounts on gift cards, Audible.com audiobooks, and mp3s. The Kindle with Special Offers will have ads in the screensavers and on the Kindle homepage, where you will see your list of Kindle books. If you don’t mind advertising, you can save $25 on the Kindle wi-fi by purchasing a Kindle with Special Offers.

The Kindle 3G and the Kindle wi-fi are available at Amazon.com, Staples, Best Buy, and some Microsoft stores. AT T; also sells the Kindle 3G. The Kindle with Special Offers is available to pre-order from Amazon.com. There is a limit of three ad-supported Kindles per customer, and the devices are expected to ship May 3, 2011.

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